November 1, 2011

The 31 Days Of Rocktober (2011 List)

November 1, 2011

The 31 Days Of Rocktober (2011 List)

I started Rocktober because October is my favorite month and because my bTunes posts are how I practice writing with brevity. There was no plan when it began, but I soon decided to roll 31 straight days. It’s been a useful writing exercise, and while I realize it’s off The Basis Point’s mortgage and housing theme, I hope it was entertaining.

Below are all 31 picks for your listening pleasure. I’ll keep rolling with regular bTunes picks from here out, and half my Rocktober series is already built for next year! Stay tuned.

Rocktober 1: In The Evening | Led Zeppelin

Rocktober 2: Easy Like Sunday Morning | Faith No More

Rocktober 3: Home Sweet Home | Motley Crue

Rocktober 4: Civil War | Guns n Roses (To #OccupyWallStreet)

Rocktober 5: The Wizard | Black Sabbath (To Steve Jobs)

Rocktober 6: Jet Airliner | Steve Miller Band

Rocktober 7: Empire State of Mind | Jay Z (Rap is rock 1)

Rocktober 8: Walk This Way | Aerosmith & Run DMC (Rap is rock 2)

Rocktober 9: Adrenaline | The Roots (Rap is rock 3)

Rocktober 10: Machine Gun | Hendrix/Band of Gypsys

Rocktober 11: You Enjoy Myself | Phish

Rocktober 12: Godzilla | Blue Oyster Cult (To Godzilla)

Rocktober 13: Slave | Rolling Stones (To all bosses)

Rocktober 14: The Trooper | Iron Maiden (To MetLife Loan Agents)

Rocktober 15: Ace of Spades | Motorhead

Rocktober 16: Scorpions double shot

Rocktober 17: Thorn In My Pride | Black Crowes

Rocktober 18: Song Pick by James Altucher

Rocktober 19: Disposable Heroes | Metallica [Acoustic vs. Original]

Rocktober 20: Wake Up | Rage Against The Machine

Rocktober 21: Thunder Kiss ’65 | White Zombie (To Beavis & Butthead)

Rocktober 22: Symphony of Destruction | Megadeth (Euro anthem)

Rocktober 23: The Distance | Cake

Rocktober 24: Born On The Bayou | Creedence (To my friend Mark)

Rocktober 25: Like Suicide | Soundgarden (To my friend Vance)

Rocktober 26: Simple Man | Lynyrd Skynyrd (To my son)

Rocktober 27: Seven Nation Army | White Stripes

Rocktober 28: Low Rider | War (To my wife)

Rocktober 29: Long Way To The Top | AC/DC (To my blog mentor)

Rocktober 30: Cowboys From Hell | Pantera

Rocktober 31: Coffee | Aesop Rock