The Boigon’s

The Boigon’s

I think your real estate agent is someone you can trust to look out for your best interest.

We called Maureen when we decided to sell our 2 unit building in Eureka Valley. We knew that we had a lot of work to do and we had to determine the best approach to maximize our profit. We needed to net every available dollar in order to move our growing family into a larger, single family home.

Maureen came prepared with detailed options on how to best approach putting our building on the market. She explained each step carefully and thoroughly, outlining the costs and benefits of each decision. Our tenant was exploring both moving out or buying their unit. The rental unit looked tired and worn and the building suffered from some deferred maintenance. Maureen provided a team of experts from legal and mortgage advice to stagers, trades people and contractors.

Maureen advised us according to her knowledge and experience, but ultimately never rushed or pushed us. Our building sold after just 2 weeks on the market for substantially more than we initially thought we could get, which was a good thing because we were already in contract on our new home.

While preparing our building for sale we began to search for our next home. After listening to what our dreams were Maureen showed us homes in different neighborhoods, patiently waiting for us to say, “This is the one.” When we found our ideal home in the West Portal area, we had become highly educated about market values and were able to act quickly and confidently.

Maureen was diligent on both the buying and selling sides of our move. She communicated well, followed through with everything that needed to be done, dotted every i and crossed every t and made it all seem effortless. She is so highly organized that both our purchase and our sale occurred simultaneously and without a single glitch.

Moving can be a very emotional time and Maureen was easy as pie to work with. Maureen is patient and a great listener and wants the decisions you make to be your own. She was exceedingly polite and conscious of the needs of my husband, me and our 2 year old daughter.

More than knowing the city, I think your real estate agent is someone you mesh with, someone you feel that you can trust to look out for your best interest and someone who knows what the heck they’re doing. We certainly benefitted from having Maureen in our corner and would use her again in a heartbeat.