Selling your property is a major financial transaction often brought on by a momentous life event such as a new job, a changing relationship, the loss of a parent or more happily, expecting a baby. Any of these add an emotional charge to what already can be an overwhelming project. I help people manage the selling process every day, all day long, allowing them to focus on other demands. And, I own an established track record of achieving a very high sale to list price for my sellers.

You deserve a hardworking, dedicated and experienced partner who will represent you and your interests throughout, expertly guiding you through the entire journey.

Extensive Market & Pricing Know-How

As a luxury property specialist, I provide in-depth knowledge of your neighborhood’s inventory and sales history – the list price and sales price of each property, the property’s strengths and weakness and the buyer’s profile. After analyzing all relevant sales data, we work together to establish a likely price point for your own home.

Reading Buyers

Representing buyers and sellers across San Francisco affords me a deep understanding of what buyers want in a home, how they will view your property and what motivates them to step forward with compelling offers. I create a property preparation plan specific to your home and a custom marketing plan designed to attract and reach every potential buyer.

Preparing to Sell

First impressions do count and an ounce of preparation will be worth its weight in gold during marketing, negotiations and closing. Preparing your property for sale might include pre-sale inspections and remedying specific deficiencies that are reasonable and cost-effective. I will identify improvements and repairs that will significantly improve your home’s appearance and value. We will weigh the benefits of staging versus the cost and discuss methods that will enhance how buyers perceive your property. Once a plan is in place I will coordinate all aspects, including sharing my team of professionals.

Custom Marketing Plan

I create and execute an effective, comprehensive marketing campaign specific to your property. Designed to generate an enthusiastic response from local, national and international buyers and agents, it will reach today’s savvy buyers through a combination of digital and print advertising, social media, exclusive Realtor events and sophisticated, custom print materials.

Experienced Negotiator

As a professionally trained negotiator and effective communicator, I help you achieve the highest price the market will support. Additionally, I expertly guide you through the transaction – from coordinating inspections and seller disclosures – to closing.

Getting Started

Contact me for a private consultation and evaluation of your property. You can and will achieve the highest price for your home.

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