July 10, 2012

Originations: Playing With Mortgage Fire

July 10, 2012

Originations: Playing With Mortgage Fire

Originations linkfest: must-read mortgage and housing stories from past few days…

– CFPB’s new Mortgage Fee Disclosures (View Forms | NYT story | My Open Letter To CFPB)

– Low Housing Inventory Is NOT A Sign of Recovery (Housing analyst Jonathan Miller)

– When Foreclosures Fall, Bottom Falls Out Of Housing (CNBC’s Diana Olick)

– REPORT: How Mortgage Debt Is Holding Back Housing Recovery (Mike Konczal, Rortybomb)

– California Playing With Mortgage Fire: (TheStreet’s Philip van Doorn) – here’s a taste:

…So not only do the new laws potentially lead to mortgage holders opting for the more expensive — and potentially more painful for the borrower — judicial foreclosure, the increased costs for all parties could raise borrowing costs or stifle credit availability for the consumers the legislators are seeking to help…

– …and to close on a ligher mood, here’s a great 1992 song entitled Playing With Fire (BELOW)

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