February 18, 2013

Originations: Can The Fed Ever Exit?

February 18, 2013

Originations: Can The Fed Ever Exit?

Today’s Originations linkfest is on how the Fed can eventually unwind their bond buying (QE) that has kept rates low and helped economic recovery. Or if they even can. It’s important reading ahead of Wednesday’s release of minutes from the January 30 Fed policy meeting. They’re all good pieces (listed in reverse chronological order), but if you only have time for one, read ‘Fed Needs Fairy Tale Ending’ by Peter Tchir.

And if you read or write good stories after Fed minutes this week, let me know: @thebasispoint.

– The Fed’s Looming PR nightmare (Robin Harding & Tom Braithwaite, FT)

– Fed’s Bullard Says Balance Sheet Growth Raises Exit Concern (Steve Matthews, Bloomberg)

– Fed Exit Possibilities (Inflation_Guy Michael Ashton)

– Fed Needs Fairy Tale Ending To Unwind Balance Sheet (Peter Tchir, TF Market Advisors)

– Fed watching focuses on longevity of QE (Michael Aneiro, Barrons)

– Two Zerohedge posts on Fed’s QE conundrum (What Fed Exit? and Can The Fed Ever Exit?)

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