April 24, 2012

Mr. Roboto

April 24, 2012

Mr. Roboto

My three year old son’s current favorite toy is a little blue robot named Roboto … as of this morning anyway. It went like this:

Me: ok come sit down now and eat, we gotta get to school

My son: wait I need my robot

Me [as he’s sitting down]: what’s his name again?

My son: Robot-y

Me: Roboto?

My son: ummm, yea.

Me: Mr. Roboto?

My son: No. Roboto

Me: Mr. Roboto is a Styx song

My son: why?

Me: because it’s about a Robot who’s a slave to the grind

My son: that’s not what Roboto does

Me: what does Roboto do?

My son: he’s eating his breakfast with me

There you have it … the magic of parenthood. And with that, here’s my theme song of the day.