April 3, 2012

‘Everything Is Fine’ With Blog King Ritholtz

April 3, 2012

‘Everything Is Fine’ With Blog King Ritholtz

[Note: I wrote post below Sunday night as a blog fan/music fan piece, then I saw that Barry Ritholtz kicked off the week with a housing series, so I responded to that first since I’m a housing blogger and all: Can You Afford A Home?. And below is my tribute to him and my favorite rap crew.]


Back in 2010, I likened finance blog heavyweight Barry Ritholtz to rapper Gift of Gab from Blackalicious for two main reasons:

(1) both are elder statesmen as passionate and skilled as any player young or old, and (2) they’re both committed to temperance in environments that tend to respond more to sensationalism.

So why am I bringing this up again? Because Gab just released a new album, and it once again proves my point.

Listen to Everything Is Fine below, a collab* with funk king George Clinton. It proves another thing I said back then: Gab is stunning on the battle mic but there’s still a mathematical precision that belies the aggressiveness.

Which pretty much how I see Barry as a fan and follower of his writing.

The response to my fan post back in 2010 came via Barry’s business partner and fellow blogger Josh Brown (aka TheReformedBroker). Here’s what Josh said:

Barry Ritholtz, to me, is the Notorious B.I.G. without a doubt. Barry said he would rather have been “all three Beastie Boys”. LOL.

Ever since then, I’ve had a tough time countering that. Until of course I heard the new Gab. So I’m sticking with my position, but in Barry’s honor, I’m also placing a cut below from Beastie Boys last album (released one year ago).

So Barry, if you are in fact All Three Beastie Boys, then this is your theme song … with the most definitive line from Ad-Rock at 1:00: “Watch how it’s done boy, it looks easy.”

*Everything Is Fine also features Lyrics Born on verse two and Lateef The Truthspeaker on verse three. These two are Gab’s co-creators of Quannum Projects, their own record label founded in 1992 when these three (plus four others) met at UC Davis. I’ve grown up being fans of theirs and discovered Ritholtz long after. He runs his own financial services and media show, so their 20-year independent streak is another reason I compare him to them. That and because it’s fun.

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