June 21, 2012

Bank robbery pays crap, but the action IS the juice

June 21, 2012

Bank robbery pays crap, but the action IS the juice

Gotta love The Economist. Ever clear on all key finance topics, and spot on with lighter fare as well. This week’s issue has a cool piece on bank robber stats showing that most heists ain’t nearly as juicy as in the movies: the average take for bank robbers in Britain is $31,610 and in America it’s $10,025. And that’s for a whole crew to split. A far cry from the “clean and low eight figures” scores in movies. Link at bottom with more stats and great quotes from famous bank robber Willie Sutton. But first, here’s the set up for the best movie bank robbery ever—and the robbery sequence too.


McCauley: What is it?

Kelso: It’s a bank. They depost cash on Thursday for distribution to all the other branches—to cover Friday payroll checks. So on Thursdays the command branch has got a full whack.

McCauley: On the prowl or strong?

Kelso: Strong, through the front door.

McCauley: How many guys?

Kelso: Eh, four or three plus a driver. You walk in, you knock ‘em over, you walk out.

McCauley: And you want a 100 thousand advance against a 10% cut for that?

Kelso: Uh huh.

McCauley: Sounds like an address to a cowboy score. They hit the hold up alarms and I gotta get outta there before the cops show. What is that?

Kelso: They have three hold up alarm systems: two telco and a cellular. See but the signals aren’t going anywhere because … see the night before, you cut in and trick out the alarm system computer to turn itself and the video recorders off 20 minutes before you walk in the door.

McCauley: Architectural, electrical, engineering plans?

Kelso: No I got all that. I got schematics. I got the boards already built, they go straight into the CPU.

McCauley: What’s the estimate?

Kelso: $12.1 – $12.2 million

McCauley: You’re on.

Kelso: Congratulations. Let me give you a little idea of where my estimates come from. This is a print out…


Kelso: …as I was saying that’s not really an estimate, those are exact figures. I’ve got a print out here of cash flow of the bank for the past two months.

McCauley: How do you get this information?

Kelso: It just comes to you. This stuff just flies through the air. They send this information out, I mean it’s just beamed out all over the fuckin place. You just gotta know how to grab it. See I know how to grab it.

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